Music Program


MVBC Choir

MVBC Music Program includes adults and children in the church choir, church singing groups, and as church soloists.

Our choir and congregational singing is a powerful means of exhaulting Christ through the spirit filled worship of God.  While dedication, desire and effort to do our best is important, our goal is not musical perfection but to draw attention to the one we are worshiping.  It provides an opportunity for people to use their musical gifts every week to glorify God and prepare the way for the preached word of God.  Through music, members of the church grow closer to God through fellowship and ministry.  The choir is made up of people who praise God not only in song, but also with their lives.



Choir Practice Schedule 

  • 3rd Sunday afternoon of each month.

Special Song Services 

  • 5th Sunday Night Singing.

  • Homecoming in June of each year.